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NRG Files License Applications with NRC for New Reactors at the South Texas Project

My apologies for the lack of posts today, as I was down on Capitol Hill this morning for the press event announcing NRG's license application with NRC to build an additional two reactors at the site of the South Texas Project. For more details directly from NRG, click here.

I was at the event with my video camera, so I should have some footage to share later this afternoon. Congratulations to everyone at NRG and STP on taking an important first step -- one that hasn't been taken in the U.S. since 1978 -- on the road to building America's next new nuclear reactor.

UPDATE: Here's NRG Energy's President and CEO, David Crane, at the press conference:

UPDATE: And here's a clip of a statement from Senator Pete Domenici:


Anonymous said…
Dominci is Republican. Were there any Democrat politicians at the NRG announcement? What about Jeff Bingham who's the majority leader of the same Senate Energy Committee that Pete Dominici is on? Were any Democrat Committee members there? Were any of their Presidential candidates there (e.g., Hillary, Obama, etc.)? Was Gore there? Unless I am mistaken (and I truly wish I were, for that would bode well for nuclear power regardless of who wins in the 2008 Presidential election), I think we know the answer to those questions.
Joffan said…
in answer to anonymous:
from Environment News Service covering the announcement:

"Nuclear power is an essential component of any comprehensive national energy plan," said United States Senator Mary Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat. "According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, 35 new nuclear power plants are needed in the next 40 years to keep pace with our escalating energy demand. A new power plant in Texas will prove to help combat the impact of global climate change and allow America to continue on a path toward energy independence."

Mary Landrieu is on the Energy and Natural Resources committee.
Anonymous said…
There are more to come later this year.

I am just waiting to see how Toshiba goes about building the GE FDA version of the US ABWR.

Toshiba either needs GE-Hitachi to revise the design certification to include the features of the Toshiba version of the plant in Japan, or Toshiba needs to build the US version of the plant.

Either way, I am not sure how Toshiba can get around sending lots of money to GE-Hitachi.

If NRG plans to modify the design to match the Japan design, then that will delay construction waiting for new design approvals.

NRG would have been better off selecting Hitachi as the lead rather than Toshiba. They are trying to save a little here and there, but it will cost them in the end.
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Joffan. Sadly, Mary Landrieu's lone voice is drowned out by Ed Markey, Dennis Kucinich, and many of the rest. Elliot Spitzer, NY's new Democrat governor, has publicly stated that NYS has no tolerance for new nukes and his AG, Andy Cuomo, son of Mario "I shut Shoreham down", are going after Indian Point tooth and nail to shut it down. That's why I made my comment. Only Democrats do that. Though Republicans have other, different faults, they aren't anti-nuclear like that. And Hillary, Democratic contender for the presidency, has gone out of her way to make things as hard for Indian Point as she possibly can (e.g., E-Plan sirens). And Obama, another Democratic contender, has advocated the shutdown of Davis Besse (riding the wave of that RPV head fiasco). And John Edwards has openly opposed nuke power.

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