Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Closing Indian Point Could Be Costly

From the New York Times:

CLOSING the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan could have dire consequences for the county’s economy, according to a new report by the Westchester Business Alliance, a coalition of regional groups.

Electricity bills would soar, and job growth — as well as property values — would suffer, said the report, which was issued on Jan. 31.

The study, prepared by Energy Strategies, consultants in Albany, said that closing the two reactors at Indian Point without creating alternative energy sources — which are not on the horizon — would cause electricity prices in Westchester County to rise more than 150 percent by 2017. Under the consultants’ estimates, the average annual residential electric bill in Westchester would jump to $2,500 from $1,000.

More here. For those who don't remember, the National Academy of Sciences came to similar conclusions in a study they completed back in 2006. And several years prior to that, NEI conducted an economic benefits study of Indian Point and found that for every dollar the plant spends, the U.S. economy produces $2.35 as a result (p. 23).

In two years I'm sure we'll see another study concluding the same intrinsic value of Indian Point to its community.


Anonymous said...

See what you get for ingratiating yourselves with the Democrats?

NYS Governor Spitzer, NYS Attorney General Andy Cuomo, Westchester County Commissioner Andy Spano and Representative Mark Green do NOT care about IPEC, NY State, or electrical supplies. They are DEMOCRAT. Remember that.

This is real simple. When in doubt, vote AGAINST these kinds of people always and everywhere.

David Bradish said...

This is real simple. When in doubt, vote AGAINST these kinds of people always and everywhere.

That's a pretty bold yet unsupported statement. NEI's public opinion polling has shown over the past few years that more Democrats favor nuclear energy than oppose it.

We need to continue this trend. Why? Because nuclear energy has to be a non-partisan issue if it is to survive in this country. Nuclear plants will operate for 40-60 years . Do you really think the country will elect Republicans the entire time?

Cuomo and Spitzer are just two vocal opponents of IP. They don't represent the Democratic norm anymore.

Matthew66 said...

I would note that neither Spitzer nor Cuomo has issued a press release saying "over my dead body" in relation to Unistar Nuclear's announced intention to submit a COL application for Nine Mile Point (see Unistar confirms Nine Mile Point as EPR site). Spitzer and Cuomo would still need to convince Sheldon Silver and Joseph Bruno of the merits of their views before NY state could take actual action.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dave, if Obama or Hillary win in 08, you'll see what I mean. Individual Dem people may support nuke power, but the majority of their politicians don't. Let's hope, however, that YOU are correct and I am NOT. I truly would like that outcome; then you'll be able to say, "I told you so." But I really think it'll be the opposite way around as Obama or Hillary say McCain is just another Bush.