Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Meet Sean Grabbe:

How long do we have to wait for nuclear power? Its the cleanest non-poluting energy source we have.


In the future I will list a few books about the propaganda against using nuclear power. It amazed me as to how safe and pollution free nuclear power is. Something else to think about--our navy runs all of its carriers on nuclear power. Last I heard they get about 20yrs before having to get new fuel rods.
Sean just began his blog this month. Be sure to stop by and welcome him to the nuclear club!

1 comment:

Jose C said...

Before I am willing to welcome anybody tot he community, I would like to make sure we are welcoming someone who has a well informed position. I'm not seeing that from his site yet - just a bunch of regurgitated talking points. A network of bloggers spouting talking points without backing it up with something appearing to have real knowledge or broad reading behind it is not going to do the cause much good, just invite mocking from the people who do the same on the anti side