Monday, June 28, 2010

7th Nuclear Energy Carnival and Blog Roll Updates

Charles Barton once again hosted the carnival for the week. Stop by to see what’s in spent nuclear fuel, the latest on the Jevons Paradox, and near-term uranium production.

imageAlready making a name for herself with her sweet looking artwork and recommended many, many times from fellow bloggers, Suzie Hobbs from Pop Atomic Studios has been added to our blogroll (check out some of her artwork on the right).

Also recommended by all the bloggers and added to the blogroll is Nuclear Townhall managed by Steve Hedges. To kick up traffic, pro-nuke author, William Tucker, started a debate at the Townhall and asks “How damaging would it be to the U.S. nuclear energy revival if [Vermont Yankee, Oyster Creek, Indian Point, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre] were to close? There’s quite a good set of responses basically saying we shouldn’t ever let up on the critics with the facts … do stop by.

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