Thursday, February 04, 2016

Bloomberg Reporter Takes Tour of Callaway Nuclear Plant

Rebecca Kern
Last week, the University of Missouri School of Journalism held a workshop for journalists on nuclear energy.

Also included as part of the program was a tour of the Callaway Energy Center operated by Ameren Missouri.

One of the reporters on the tour, Bloomberg's Rebecca Kern, took photos of the plant and shared them via Storify. We've embedded her narrative below. Please check it out.


Engineer-Poet said...

Innumerate reporters AND editors...

No way did the emergency building cost $50 billion; that's many times the value of the entire plant.  She had to have meant $50 million, but people without any grasp of magnitudes can't see when numbers are so grossly out of proportion.

Chris M said...

"1,285 megawatts of electricity per hour"

Gah! Oh well. She is in journalism after all.