Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why America Needs a Wake Up Call About Preserving Nuclear Energy

In a few minutes, NEI CEO Marv Fertel will take the podium at a summit sponsored by the Department of Energy about at-risk nuclear plants (live stream). His speech, just posted online, makes for sobering reading:
We thought the first plant shutdowns at Kewaunee and Vermont Yankee would galvanize action to prevent additional shutdowns.

  • We were obviously mistaken.
  • Please understand, however, that these early shutdowns are not just isolated events.
  • They are evidence of a larger systemic problem.

So this summit is part of a wake-up call—a wake-up call to drive action by the states … by the federal government … by the policy community and our political institutions … by anyone concerned about economic growth, environmental protection, jobs and reliability of electricity supply.
Read the rest right now.

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