Monday, February 28, 2005

What Are Nuclear Energy's Chances in Canada?

From Maclean's:

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. figures Ontario's 7,500-MW shortfall from the closings is the perfect opportunity to promote its Candu reactors. "There just aren't any other options for large-scale production of electricity -- or replacement of existing, polluting electricity -- other than nuclear power," says David Torgerson, chief technology officer at AECL. "It's the only technology that can meet demand for electricity and still reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Canada, with its commitment to the Kyoto Protocols, has few other options but nuclear energy.

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Ben in Ottawa said...

Various places in canada (including my home province of PEI) are starting to invest heavily in wind power. It won't be able to meet demand but it's a start. PEI is getting desperate seeing as the only nuclear power plant in the Maritimes is actually being decomissioned.