Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SCANA to Build Two New Nuclear Reactors

SCANA (SCG) subsidiary, South Carolina Electric & Gas, announced Tuesday that they had reached a contractual agreement with Westinghouse and the Shaw Group (SGR) to design and build two 1,117-megawatt nuclear power plants at the Virgil C. Summer Station near Jenkinsville, SC. The AP 1000 reactors are slated to become operational in 2016.

Tuesday after-hours trading was up for SGR and SCG. The Wall St. love continued Wednesday: Shaw Group shares rose $3.42 (5.9%), SCANA shares were up 25 cents (.62%).


Matthew B said...

Does anyone have a good breakdown on where the $9.8B goes?

X% interest
Y% components
Z% Labor
and so on...

David Bradish said...

SCANA said they plan to file the Baseload Review Order to South Carolina's PSC later this week. That filing should include the cost estimates you are asking about. Stay tuned.

David Bradish said...

Here's the Application to the PSC (pdf). The Application does not include the breakdown of costs into components, labor, etc. You can find the public version of the costs on page 57. There's not much information here.