Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nuclear Energy TV

Bob Geldof nuclearBob Geldof (you know, Live Aid organizer, frontman for The Boomtown Rats, and 2006 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize) raised a few eyebrows last year when luxury car maker Lexus asked him to participate in a forum about its hybrid vehicles. Per The Guardian,

Geldof, as well as talking about hybrid cars, aired his views on climate change, branding renewable energy initiatives such as wind farms "Mickey Mouse" and insisting "to really help the planet, we have to go nuclear, fast".
Sir Bob is now taking his public embrace of nuclear energy to the airwaves. The Telegraph is reporting that Geldof's television production company, Ten Alps, is looking to launch "Nuclear Energy TV."
The company plans to launch Accountants TV later this year, alongside existing channels Engineering TV and Lawyers TV. Plans for Bankers TV and Nuclear Energy TV are in development.

The new channels are part of a plan by the London-listed company in which Sir Bob has a major shareholding to expand its programming from public sector workers to professionals looking to retrain.

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Carol said...

Here's hoping they don't plan on running any sitcoms on that channel. :)