Saturday, May 21, 2005

For Your School Project

Here's an interesting story from Wakarusa, Indiana:

NorthWood Middle School teacher Brad Eby will spend the rest of the school year covering nuclear energy with his eighth-grade students for a reason.

"There's a renewed interest. President Bush is pushing us to build more (nuclear power plants)," he said.

"In four years, they'll (the students) be voting," he said, just after a classroom full of kids filed out the door, armed with surveys.

Each of Eby's students will ask a parent, neighbor or friend older than 18 to complete the survey that he says will gauge their knowledge of nuclear energy. He'll compile the results next week, but he's already made some predictions about how the adults will fare.

"Most people will be very lucky to get three or four of the 10 (questions) right," he said.

If any of those students are looking for some supplemental information for their projects, they could start with NEI's periodic public opinion survey.

If you're looking to help a child with a school project on nuclear energy, click here for some online resources from NEI.

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