Monday, March 19, 2007

Bodman in India to Discuss Energy Issues

From the Economic Times:

MUMBAI: Indo-US nuclear deal talks will be in the limelight this week as America’s energy secretary Samuel ‘Sam’ Bodman begins his India mission. The focus of Mr Bodman’s visit will be India’s ever rising energy needs and nuclear co-operation between the two. He is expected to discuss the issue with India’s nuclear establishment.

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Ohadi Langis said...

Sec. Bodman will have three headaches when he makes his trip to India (1) getting past the political impacts of Tom Lantos (D-CA) proposed legislation that would sanction India for its planned gas pipeline with Iran (2) figuring out how to get India to climb down from insisting on nuclear fuel reprocessing whch goes against the nonproliferation goals of the current US India engagement, and (3) looking for confidence building measures that foreign investment in energy plants (nuclear and coal) won't be squandered by local politics. Detals at Have a good trip Mr. Secretary. Pack some aspirin. You're going to need it.