Friday, May 11, 2007

Patrick Moore Bumped from Real Time

Just got the follwing note from one of my superiors at NEI.

"Real Time" has undergone some guest changes in the true fashion of the show's name and Patrick Moore is no longer on tonight's lineup. We will endeavor to reschedule his appearance before the end of this season's shows.
Bummer, but that's show biz.


Ingrid said...

It's easy to be cynical but what kind of changes are we talking about here? I have never seen 'real time' as we don't carry cable (in the name of 'let's have a life' lol). Still, it would be nice to have opposing viewpoints get real airplay.. I'll check out the show's site to see what the deal is..

Ingrid said...

had to do some navigating but found the link to 'real time' on hbo and asked politely for the reason for canceling Moore's appearance. I also mentioned that as an environmentalist that I want to hear opposite viewpoints so I can make intelligent and informed decisions..
if I get a response, I'll let you know
Ingrid, still not knowing enough to have a truly informed decision re. nuclear energy..

gunter said...

howdy folks,

ahhhhhh... i was really looking forward to see how Maher was going to buy further into the Moore and Whitman's CON job (Coal Oil Nuclear) after all.

gunter, nirs