Friday, May 11, 2007

Switkowski: Nuclear Power in Australia in 20 Years

From the Herald-Sun (Australia):

VICTORIA will have its first nuclear power station in 20 years, the head of the Federal Government's nuclear taskforce has predicted.

Dr Ziggy Switkowski said eight nuclear power stations would be built in the state by the middle of the century.

But Dr Switkowski said he believed a framework for carbon emissions trading would come first from the debate over climate change.

"I think the decision to go nuclear can be made in the next few years and then you add 15 before you see the first reactors," he said yesterday.

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robert merkel said...

By the way, as predicted, the Labor Party voted to end its ban on new uranium mines at its conference a couple of weeks ago.

However, the individual state governments (which are all controlled by Labor) will have a free choice as to whether they allow uranium mining in their states or not.

What this means is that in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where Australia's existing uranium mines are located, new mines are free to be established with neither the federal or state governments objecting.

Queensland has also changed its policy and will allow mines in that state.

Of the mining states, only Western Australia now prohibits uranium mining there.

Expect new supply from Australia to come on to the market in the next few years.