Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog Traffic

A big thank you to NEI Notes readers for making June a record setting month for traffic. Compared to May, Unique Visitors were up 42% and Page Views rose 27%.

The fact that such a spike occurred during a month where Internet usage sees a seasonal decline is all the more remarkable.

June's Top 10 most-read posts:

1. Obama's Energy Address in Las Vegas
2. Amory Lovins and His Nuclear Illusion – Part One (The Art of Deception)
3. The Wall Street Journal Energy Report
4. The Sunshine Patriot
5. John McCain’s Energy Speech
6. Lieberman-Warner: "Leave No Fuel Behind"
7. Barbara Boxer Embraces Nuclear Power
8. The Truth About Government Subsidies for Energy Sources
9. How many nuclear plants does it take to meet the world's energy needs?
10. Germany, Merkel Rethinking Nuclear Power

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Bloggergal said...

Well done, guys. Congrats.