Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pawlenty, Obama Surrogate Spar Over Energy

Pawlenty Vice President Obama EnergyThe Wheeler News Service, a Wisconsin-based wire service, reports on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's appearance at U Dub in Madison on Monday,

...Pawlenty makes the pitch for John McCain, whose focus on energy includes the nuclear option.

"It's going to take a federal government and a president that is open to it," Pawlenty said of the possibility of new nuclear plants being built in the U.S.

"The outcome of this election will determine that outcome. I believe that if Barack Obama gets elected, he will slam the door shut on these options."

But Obama spokesman Phil Walczak says Obama does not oppose nuclear power. Obama supports "safe, secure nuclear energy," says Walczak.

"He understands that any longterm energy policy for this country is going to have to include many components, including a nuclear one."

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