Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More on Montefiore

Commenting on Hugh Montefiore's ejection from Friends of the Earth based on his support for nuclear energy, ROFTERS had this to say about the costs and benefits of building new nuclear generating capacity:

There is minimal risk of danger to posterity. The advantages far outweigh any objections, and I can see no practical way of meeting the world's needs without nuclear energy. The predictions of the world's scientists are dire and the consequences for the planet are catastrophic. This is why I believe we must now consider nuclear energy. The subject is so important that it should be a matter of informed public debate. Among his former environmentalist allies, it would appear, informed public debate is precisely what is not wanted.

To read the article that got the former Anglican Bishop of Birmingham in hot water with his former allies in the environmental movement, click here. And to read more about environmentalists who support nuclear energy, click here.

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