Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Scotland in a Tight Spot

From the BBC:

A new nuclear power station may be necessary to prevent the "lights going out" in Scotland in the not-too-distant future, according to MPs.

A report by Westminster's Scottish Affairs Committee demands an audit of energy resources and suggests a renewed role for nuclear power and coal.

Two nuclear power plants generate much of Scotland's energy but they are reaching the end of their lives.

MPs have concluded that renewable energy and imports cannot plug the gap.

This is a story we've heard before in Europe. And one we'll probably hear again.

Thanks to Rising Slowly for the tip.

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Kelly L. Taylor said...

Yes, but... BBC later implies the uproar over the possibility of new nuclear has caused Scotland to back away from even the intimation of possibility.

Scotland's commercial nuclear power lacks credibility right now for their lack of stewardship over the beaches. You might expect that they do not have a workable political environment to discuss adding more nuclear power.

However, not even all local opinions are so bleak on the topic:,,2090-1543588,00.html