Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bangor Daily News: "Nuclear Power is Coming Back"

An editorial titled "Nuclear Power Is Coming Back" appears in today's edition of the Bangor Daily News. Here are the highlights:

This nation cannot go on squandering its limited natural gas supplies on unlimited burning of gas for electricity production when nuclear power is so much more economical. Nor can Americans afford to burn more and more coal when nuclear power plants are much cleaner and emit no global warming gases.

...If we hope to have the additional electricity and even maintain the percentage of power we are now receiving from emission-free sources, more nuclear plants will be essential. But if we want to improve the percentage of clean power, it will take a lot more nuclear capacity.
Somehow Americans need to understand how fortunate we are to have nuclear power available - how clean, safe and reliable, as well as efficient, it is. For they will never guess it from the negative media coverage nuclear power has received in recent years and the long hiatus in orders for U.S. nuclear plants. And unless they know, they can hardly be expected to press for a new generation of nuclear power plants as an essential part of a sane and balanced energy system that will benefit our air quality and the national economy.

Nuclear power is coming back.

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