Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AECL CEO Takes On Lovins

Now that Amory Lovins has had his say in the pages of the Toronto Star, AECL President and CEO Robert Van Adel is firing back today in a letter to the editor.

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Anonymous said...

The article has a subheading:

Newest nuclear same old risky business

- how the HELL is that related to the content? Van Adel mentions the Finnish reactor only to contrast it to the same old reliable business offered by team CANDU.

Anonymous said...

What Mr. Van Adel has conveniently left out is the fact that the 6 reactors 'built and delivered, on or ahead of schedule & on budget is because the majority (90-95%) of the staff working on the reactors in China, & Romania were local nationals - Chinese & Romanians, not employed by either AECL or their partners. Only a handful of employees were employed by AECL & their Canadian partners. Should they end up building in Canada, the 'on-time/on-budget' will never happen with the union mentality which runs this company! Only in their dreams.