Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Alabama Paper Endorses New Nuclear Build

Reacting to last week's NERC report on grid reliability in North America, the Mobile Press Register had this to say:

Among the energy mix, the United States must revitalize its dormant commitment to nuclear energy and expand development of alternative energy sources and conservation programs. Meeting the nation's future energy needs will require greater investment of resources and creative solutions.

Power companies will have to "think outside the box" to keep the nation energized.
Alabama is in the unique position to revitalize plans to build three nuclear power units near Scottsboro. State and federal regulators should do all they can to encourage the Tennessee Valley Authority to proceed with the units.
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Alex Brown said...

Where do they get the number 3 from?

David Bradish said...

We know they have plans to build two reactors at Bellefonte and I would guess the third may be Browns Ferry 1 which is supposed to come back online next spring.