Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GE Hitachi Signs Deal with Exelon

From the AP:

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy said Tuesday it has received a tentative multimillion-dollar order from power plant operator Exelon Corp. to provide parts for two possible nuclear reactors.

The deal for steam turbine generators and other components depends on whether Exelon's nuclear division decides to continue with plans for a plant in Texas. GE Hitachi said Exelon needs to have plans in place ahead of time to make sure the parts are available.
And the hits keep on coming.

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Anonymous said...

What could influence negatively Exelon's nuclear division decision to continue with plans for a nuclear power plant in Texas? Why is this deal tenetative? Because if John Edwards, Hillary Clinton or any other Dem gets in, DOE funds for nuke development that are currently being provided to GE-Hitachi, and gov't loan guarantees to the utilities buidling new nukes will be cut off. Dems commenting at this blog aren't anti-nuke, but your political leaders are. Change them. Make them respect life, for coal pollution kills. Then (maybe) I would consider voting Dem.