Tuesday, December 11, 2007

John McCain on the Stump on Nuclear Energy

From the AP:

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain says the United States needs to reduce its dependence on troubled parts of the world for oil.

McCain told about 200 people at the Center for Hydrogen Research in Aiken Monday the United States should look to hydrogen and nuclear power as alternatives.

The Arizona senator says more nuclear power has been stymied by politics. He says an endless political fight over the storage of old nuclear fuel has made it virtually impossible to build a new plant.

McCain called nuclear energy safe and non-polluting.


Left Atomics said...

It kills me when I see pro-nuclear people argue this line of using nuclear to make American "independent" of foreign oil. Nuclear doesn't claim to replace oil...nuclear is for electricity and oil is for transportation fuel. For goodness sakes!


Anonymous said...

Oil can be burned to produce heat and therfore produce energy. Electricity can be created by burning oils in certain types of generators. Oil is also used to heat many American homes during the fall and winter.