Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Morning Call for Nuclear Energy

The Morning Call has an op-ed by Forrest J. Remick of Penn State lauding nuclear energy to its Allentown, Pennsylvania readers. While Remick's article is a fairly standard, and calmly reasoned, call for support, the focus on safety is very nice.

"No one in the public has ever been harmed by the operation of a nuclear power plant in the United States. Instead of nuclear plants being shut down after their initial 40-year licenses, half of the plants have been licensed by the NRC for another 20 years. Almost all of the remaining plants have either applied to the NRC to have their licenses renewed or intend to."

Pennsylvania is home to Three Mile Island, so this approach, laying out the facts dispassionately and even somewhat cooly, seems the right approach. Remick is professor of nuclear engineering emeritus, so he's not a disinterested source, but the reasonable and fact-based articles threading through different newspapers weave a tapestry of acceptance for nuclear energy.

Correction: The editorialist's name is Forrest J.Remick, not Remnick. As a person with a much more easily misspelled name than Mr. Remick, I regret the error.

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