Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bush Addresses Sagging U.S. Economy

In a Rose Garden press conference this morning, President Bush acknowledged American's growing anxiety over the economy and faulted the Congress for inaction. The pull quote:

As electricity prices rise, Congress continues to block provisions needed to increase domestic electricity production by expanding the use of clean, safe nuclear power. Instead many of the same people in Congress who complain about high energy costs support legislation that would make energy even more expensive for our consumers and small businesses.


Anonymous said...

At some point the President needs to act in the national interest, even if congress doesn't go along.


Anonymous said...

The President HAS been acting in the national interests, but he keeps on getting hammered by Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Obama, and all the rest of the libs. When all the right - er, I mean left - thinking people hate you, then you know that you're doing the right thing. ;-)

BTW, our President has openly supported nuclear power with GNEP. OPENLY!