Thursday, April 24, 2008

New and Updated NEI Resources

We have posted several new and updated fact sheets and policy briefs to NEI’s public Web site during the past few weeks. They cover such topics as new-plant financing, advanced fuel cycle technologies and plant security. Here is a list of the publications and their links. The documents are available in HTML and PDF formats. We hope you find these products helpful and informative.

Policy Briefs
New policy brief:
Financing New Nuclear Power Plants.

Updated policy briefs:
Uranium Fuel Supply Adequate to Meet Present and Future Nuclear Energy Demand, Advanced Fuel-Cycle Technologies Hold Promise for Used Fuel Management Program, Nuclear Power 2010: A Key Building Block for New Nuclear Power Plants.

Fact Sheets
New fact sheet:
Nuclear Industry’s Comprehensive Approach Develops Skilled Work Force for the Future.

Updated fact sheets:
Nuclear Power Plant Security, Water Consumption at Nuclear Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plant Fire Protection, Licensing New Nuclear Power Plants.

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