Friday, April 04, 2008

CBC's Dispatches on Nuclear Energy

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a weekly radio show called Dispatches hosted by Rick Macinnes-Rae. For this week's show, Rick sought insights from various sources on "the nuclear renaissance."

The quest for alternatives to carbon-based fuel is bringing atomic energy out of its long notoriety.

How much cleaner is it? And how much safer, since the days of Three Mile Island?

Dispatches goes to Texas, where the American renaissance may start.

We'll hear what France accomplished while other European states held back.

Will more nukes mean nuclear terrorism? We'll ask the watchers in Vienna.

From India and South Africa, our correspondents report how the vast promise of nuclear power is still tainted with human tragedy.

And, we consider China, whose unbridled thirst for energy makes it the nuclear giant-in-waiting.
The podcast is an hour long but it's an entertaining and balanced piece to listen to if you have the time.

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