Monday, March 19, 2012

NEI Unveils New Television Spot

Beginning tomorrow, NEI will be launching a new branding campaign centered around this 60-second television spot.

We'll be sharing additional elements of the campaign here over the coming days. Please check back for more.


Marcel F. Williams said...

I really like the ad!

My only criticism of the ad is that it should more clearly say that, environmentally, nuclear energy is one of the safest sources of clean electrical energy production in America and that the next generation of nuclear power plants will be even safer.

Marcel F. Williams

Robert Hargraves said...

Good to have some positive PR.

How did you ever come up with a nuclear energy production cost of 2 cents per kWh?! It's sold for about 5 cents/kWh, right? Are you leaving out some costs? Won't the public think they are being gouged by profiteers?

Nit-picking, but your plugs are male instead of female.

David Bradish said...

Robert, the production costs are the fuel and O&M costs from each plant. Here is the breakdown of nuclear's costs compared to coal, gas and oil.

Joffan said...

Not bad, although I don't like the way that the things plugged into nuclear go gray. Shouldn't they start gray and go colorful?