Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NEI Launches New Website

The new NEI website has arrived! Over the course of 22 months, we created a robust site specifically with our members and stakeholders in mind. The result is a site that is faster and better organized so you can find the best intel on the nuclear energy industry in a click of a mouse.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new site is that the industry’s story is told in a more visually compelling way. We use multimedia throughout the site – including photos, infographics and videos – to illustrate the policy issues that matter most to the industry. What else will you find? Brand-new sections like Why Nuclear Energy? and the Knowledge Center, which position nuclear energy as a necessary part of the electricity portfolio to meet the growing demand for power. Plus, the site features an all-inclusive News and Media section, a Google Earth map of all nuclear plants in the United States and an intelligent Advanced Search function.

Take a few moments now to explore NEI’s new digital home and tell me what you think in the comments below. Remember to bookmark the site and tell your friends that just got a major upgrade.


Steve Schulin said...

I'd like to see the important message -- that nuclear power is THE SAFEST way to generate lots of electricity (even without giving a whit of credence to CO2-climate alarmism) -- emphasized on the main page of the site.

Tara Young said...

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely look into incorporating safety messaging on the home page for our next update.

Ernest said...

Since the FAQ has a section about radiation, please teach the public that radiation is a natural part of our lives. It has always been part of life on Earth. It is in the ground, it comes from the sky, it is part of our bodies and our food. It is like sunlight, too much can hurt you, but our bodies are made to rebuild from the effect of everyday sun exposure. Radiation is the same.

Most fear and opposition to nuclear comes from not knowing about radiation and thinking that every single particle comes from manmade bombs and reactors. People are frightened about radiation because they think they have no experience with it, but actually everybody has experience with radiation all of the time. The NEI could do so much to teach people about normal radiation.

trag said...

One point I like to make, but I don't know if there's a good place for it on your page, is, "Do you like sea salt on your food? It contains uranium, you know."

Tara Young said...

Good feedback. We will take a look at our radiation messaging to see where we can place more emphasis on radiation as a natural part of our lives. Thanks!