Tuesday, April 26, 2005

John Ritch: Nuclear Key to Our Energy Future

In today's Washington Post, John Ritch, director general of the World Nuclear Association, writes that a global renaissance in nuclear energy could be critical to solving our future energy needs:

Around the world, there is a new realism about nuclear energy, a recognition of its essential virtue, which is its capacity to deliver power cleanly, safely, reliably and on a massive scale. This thinking is eclipsing old-school anti-nuclear environmentalism.

Increasingly, thoughtful environmentalists see anti-nuclearism as counterproductive. They worry not about the growth of nuclear energy but about the likelihood that it is not growing rapidly enough to produce the clean-energy revolution the world urgently needs.

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1 comment:

Wyo Girl said...

Wow! Why aren't more readers excited about Ambassador Ritch's comments and clamoring to their elected officials about the truths he states so simply?!