Monday, April 25, 2005

More On The Clinton ESP Hearing

Our friend Norris McDonald of the African-American Environmentalist Associaiton (AAEA), has posted his own account of the events at Clinton last week. And when you get a chance, stop by AAEA's brand new blog.

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Norris McDonald said...

AAEA's new blog is a direct result of goint the NEI's blog. When you try to post a comment, it takes you to registering, which directs you to creating a blog. It was easy and convenient.

I think NEI should change its posting to include anonymous posts. I think you would get more comments. You get plenty of visits but not many comments. It is because the registration process seems complex and as mentioned earlier, it takes you to constructing a blog. It is much easier to post a comment anonomously. You can always delete the comment if you do not like it.