Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Meet Blogs for Bush contributor Mark Noonan:

At any rate, it is about the most sensible thing - if you really want to help clean up the environment, if you really believe that human greenhouse emissions are causing global warming, then you're best bet right now is to push for nuclear power.
UPDATE: And in the interest of equal time, here's a post from the archives of The Postmodern Technocrat:
Bush and I agree on something. Maybe we don't agree on the correct way to pronounce what it is we agree on ("”nuclear"” energy) --– but building more nuclear power plants is key in reducing our dependency on foreign oil.
Here at NEI, we always take great pains to point out that support for nuclear energy isn't a left/right issue any longer. I guess this is just more proof.

And before I forget, a belated "happy blogiversary" to our friend Justin Feng.

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