Tuesday, January 24, 2006

European Natural Gas Crisis Continues

Across Europe, the temperatures keep dropping, and Ukraine keeps diverting natural gas supplies meant for other customers in other nations. Monday was the sixth straight day that Russia's Gazprom said that it was unable to meet demands of foreign customers.

Here's something to think about: In the 1970s, as America endured an oil embargo, nuclear energy was able to displace oil-fired electric generating capacity. Today, nuclear energy could perform the same manuver, but this time displacing natural gas, freeing up those supplies for home heating and industrial use.

Here's something else to think about: Going forward, three of the largest suppliers of natural gas will be Russia, Iran and Algeria. Conversely, the two largest sources of uranium are Canada and Australia.

Who do you trust?

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distantbody said...

I am of the opinion that France (a net exporter of electricity i believe?) can be trusted to spread its 70+ nuclear plants product in times of extreme foreign energy stress.

Of course Australia and Canada are the prefered options. Of course the ideal situation would always be to source your own energy resources locally.

Brian Mays said...

France will be soon building more reactors (the very large EPR plants), beginning in Flamanville. The French plan to stay ahead of this game.