Friday, August 11, 2006

Please Stop By This Weekend

This weekend, the Nuclear Energy Institute logo, is going to appear on one of the cars from the Newman Wachs Racing Team as it participates in a Champ Car Atlantic Series event in Denver. It's all part of the industry's efforts to communicate the environmental benefits of nuclear energy, in this case the fact that nuclear-generated electricity doesn't pollute the air or contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

It's a gratis sponsorship, and Newman Wachs has done the same for the American Nuclear Society for a few weeks this season, as well as other organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

I'll be in Denver blogging about it here at NEI Nuclear Notes throughout the weekend, and probably into Monday as well. I'll be bringing my camera, and I'll share photos of the car, as well as the story behind the sponsorship.

This ought to be fun. Please come back and visit all weekend long.

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