Monday, August 07, 2006

Gov. Pataki on Nuclear Energy

New York Governor George Pataki gave a speech at the National Press Club today on energy policy, and the following came up during the Q&A (thanks to one of our readers for passing this along):

MODERATOR: Speaking of alternative energy, what is your stand on developing more nuclear power?

PATAKI: I think, as part of the energy program, we need to develop more nuclear power. We've seen enormous strides made in the rest of the world. France, I believe, gets significantly more than half its energy from nuclear power. It doesn't have the problem with greenhouse gas emissions.

We have developed technologies the world has that make it far safer than it was back 20 or 30 years ago. And I think it is a part of the future of clean energy in the United States.
Some other notes: 29% of electricity generated in New York comes from nuclear energy and Gov. Pataki is one of the leading forces behind the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a cooperative effort of Northeastern states looking to establish a regional cap and trade system for carbon emissions. Other statewide leaders aren't nearly as forward looking when it comes to energy and the environment -- and other observers are noticing.

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