Friday, April 27, 2007

EDF in Talks With British Energy to Build New Nuclear

From AFP:

French electricity group EDF is in talks with British Energy, a part-government owned nuclear group, about constructing the first nuclear power station in the UK in 30 years, the Financial Times reported.

EDF chief executive Vincent De Rivaz told the newspaper that the British government would have to pass legislation this year making a decision on nuclear power so that energy companies would be able to make investment decisions, otherwise it risked a 'power crunch.'

'It is quite natural that British Energy want to be part of new-build nuclear, and because we have also a clear ambition, I am confident that these two ambitions can match each other,' he told the business daily.
The choice in Europe today is pretty simple: Build a diverse energy portfolio that includes emission free nuclear energy, or get ready to import natural gas.

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