Monday, April 30, 2007

UniStar Selects Calvert Cliffs Site for Possible COL

Just off the wire:

UniStar Nuclear, a jointly developed enterprise between Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG) and AREVA Inc., today notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that a location adjacent to Constellation Energy's existing Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby, Md., has been selected as the site for UniStar Nuclear's first combined construction and operating license (COL) application. The application, which will feature UniStar Nuclear's chosen technology, the U.S. Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR), will serve as the reference document for all future UniStar Nuclear COL applications to the NRC.

The identification of a specific site is the first step in a multi-step
process required before a COL application can be submitted to the NRC. It
does not, however, represent a commitment on the part of Constellation
Energy to construct a new nuclear plant at the Calvert Cliffs site.

"Moving ahead with our reference application is an important step in
realizing the UniStar Nuclear vision of a fully standardized fleet of U.S.
EPR advanced nuclear power plants," said George Vanderheyden, president of
UniStar Nuclear. He added that UniStar Nuclear continues its discussions
with potential investors, partners and customers interested in new nuclear
across the country.
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