Thursday, April 05, 2007

UniStar Signs Contract with AmerenUE to Prepare COL

From Yahoo:

UniStar Nuclear's development arm, UniStar Development Company, has entered into an agreement with Ameren Corporation's (NYSE: AEE - News) Missouri-based utility, AmerenUE, to assist in preparing a combined construction and operating license application (COLA). UniStar Nuclear, the jointly developed nuclear business enterprise of Constellation Energy (NYSE: CEG - News) and AREVA Inc., is working toward developing and deploying a proposed standardized fleet of advanced U.S. Evolutionary Power Reactors (U.S. EPR) in the U.S.
Another one to add to the list.

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James said...

Heh, I always figured they'd go with an AP1000.

Anyways, good for Callaway, AmerenUE and the residents of Mid-Missouri. I know my former professors and fellow students at Mizzou and UMR must be excited about the prospects of a new unit being constructed in their own "backyard".