Thursday, April 12, 2007

NEI Energy Markets Report (April 2nd - April 6th)

Here's a summary of what went on in the energy markets last week:

Electricity prices increased last week (see pages 1 & 2).

Gas prices rose at the Henry Hub $0.28 to $7.54 / MMBtu (see page 4).

Twenty one reactors were in refueling outages with eight beginning and two finishing last week. Five reactors were down for maintenance last week (see pages 2 & 3).

Uranium prices jumped $18 to $113 / lb U3O8 according to TradeTech and Ux Consulting. “This is the largest single increase since uranium prices were first reported by NUEXCO in 1968, and marks a 57 percent increase in the spot uranium price since the beginning of the year,” according to TradeTech.

For the podcast click here. For the report click here (pdf). It is also located on NEI's Nuclear Statistics webpage.

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