Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Visit Right from the Left Coast.

UPDATE: And be sure to visit another of our old friends, Advanced Nanotechnology.

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Darren said...

And I will continue to stand for clean, safe, nuclear power.

It's possible to be stupid about nuclear plants--let's not place them where earthquakes or tornadoes or hurricanes are likely. That still leaves wide swaths of the US that can safely generate electricity from fission. What are we waiting for, a written invitation?

Where many of us go wrong, though, is the assumption that the anti-nuclear crowd is genuinely afraid of another Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, or even a China Syndrome. They're not; that's just what they hide behind. They don't like capitalism, and they don't like success. Nuclear power would solve too many problems, making socialism harder to instill as the economy hums along on relatively inexpensive and non-polluting electricity. That's why they're against it.

It's not a science issue, it's a political issue for them.