Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latest News from TEPCO on the Status of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa

Click here for the latest press release from Japan.


Daniel said...

Hi Eric,

nice blog. I'm reading it daily. Could you please comment a bit the damage report by TEPCO? There are some items that aren't very clear, in particular the reason of the leak of unit 7. Many greetings and keep the spirit. It is important to transmit the facts about nuclear energy.

KenG said...

Here is a link to story in a Japanese newspaper. It appears the release from Unit 7 was from a ventilation fan in the turbine building that was not shut off. The turbine building on a BWR has the potential for some level of contamination.

Luke said...

Hmm, maybe things like N isotopes produced by activation in the BWR coolant, but they're really short lived.

This stuff is significant in the turbine when the turbines are operating, but it shouldn't get out of the plumbing.

I would have thought most of this stuff, especially the coolant in a BWR, would be reasonably earthquake proofed, too.

You might also get traces of activated corrosion products in the BWR coolant too, I guess. I've heard Cr-51 and Co-60 mentioned, which are plausible.