Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Transistor, Transformer: What's The Difference?

We all make mistakes, but this one from The Daily Green about the fire at the nuclear power plant in Japan just about takes the cake:

The earthquake caused a fire in a transistor, led to the leak of water with low radioactivity, and prompted the automatic shutdown of the Tokyo Electric Power Co. reactors.
No rest for the weary.


Stewart Peterson said...

At least it wasn't all the flammable gas inside a vacuum tube.

BVidalin said...

I Have yet to read about any Safety Related SSC damaged at these 7 nuclear plants. I think the world press is missing the real story here. It seem that the robust seismic design of these nuclear units was just demonstrated incontrovertibly. Water sloshing out of a SFP, or a "routine" transformer fire, or a stack of drums falling over are not newsworthy events.

I only subscribe to my local newspaper to line the bottom of my parakeet's cage. I won't tell you about his critique.

Bill V.

Ian said...

ironically this is one of the most balanced articles I've read about the situation.