Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Senator Obama on Energy and the Environment

Grist is running an interview with Senator Barack Obama on energy and the environment. Here's what he had to say about nuclear energy:

I think that with nuclear power, we have got to see if there are ways for us to store the radioactive material in a safe, environmentally sound way, and if we can do that and deal with the some of the safely and security issues, [nuclear power] is something that we should look at.
Senator Obama has been remarkably consistent on this issue, something we began noting back in 2005.

Thanks to the Obama Blog for the pointer.

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Anonymous said...

That is the politically correct way of saying that I will support nuclear if nuclear can solve its own problems first. The current Senate is stopping nuclear from fixing itself by blocking Yucca and slowing reprocessing. Thus, Obama and Clinton are part of the reason that nuclear cannot solve its own problems first. I see an infinite do loop here.

When they make this type of statement, they are showing their distaste for nuclear. Vote no for anyone who skirts a yes / no answer on nuclear if nuclear is important to you.