Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Bacon's Rebellion has just read Gov. Tim Kaine's Energy Plan for Virginia, and they like what they're reading when it comes to the development of the nuclear energy industry in the Old Dominion:

Between Dominion's power plants, Pittsylvania's uranium mines, Lynchburg's nuclear manufacturing/service companies and Northrop Grumman's shipyard, Virginia has the potential to assemble a world-class nuclear power cluster -- not just mining, but designing, manufacturing, installation and servicing. With all those capabilities concentrated in a small geographic area, who knows what synergies might develop?
Who knows, indeed?

UPDATE: Critical Miami is liking what it's hearing these days too.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, all those jobs would be great. Only I don't think that $11 dollars an hour is enough to cover the sharp rise in cancer, birth defects, massive environmental monitoring (and clean up?). We need the jobs, yes. But we need life more.

-John Sanford