Monday, September 24, 2007

International Uranium Fuel Seminar 2007

Next month in New Orleans, NEI is sponsoring its International Uranium Fuel Seminar:

Royal Sonesta Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 14-17, 2007

Demand for primary uranium and conversion and enrichment services is rising substantially as reactor new-build programs advance. Decades of chronic underinvestment in the fuel cycle, limited new uranium production, concerns over global warming and energy security, and dramatic shifts in international geopolitical powers are creating highly volatile and nonrational behavior in the world nuclear fuel supply markets. Although new financial instruments may allow producers and buyers to manage uranium price risk, innovative approaches to expedite the financing, permitting and licensing of new fuel cycle infrastructure and for fuel procurement are urgently needed.

Join your colleagues in New Orleans to explore these rapidly evolving issues affecting fuel cycle supply and demand, with a global view of today’s fuel commerce. Share insights on fuel supply issues, new centers of uranium production, trends in uranium pricing and risk management, investment opportunities, and policy developments.
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