Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Morning Breakfast

...nuclear energy news you may have missed this weekend.

Zogby releases its latest survey: 67% favor building new nuclear power plants in the U.S....The Arizona Republic reviews the state's energy options in the face of growing electricity demands....Barron's attempts to square the Obama campaign's position on nuclear....Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), coming around to nuclear energy?...Britain is "the most exciting place in Europe" for nuclear power, according to Areva president Anne Lauvergeon....Germany is likely the least; at the G-8 Summit in Japan, Economics Minister Jochen Homann reasserted his country's intentions to phase out nuclear....Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, is saying something different....Deutsche Welle puts Germany's decision(s) in relief against the backdrop of the nuclear renaissance in the EU....Albania is the latest country to want in....The IEA calls for 32 new nuclear plants to be built each year, worldwide....Seeking Alpha looks at energy ETFs and likes what it sees in nuclear.

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