Monday, March 21, 2011

“Fareed's Take: Hold judgment on nuclear power”

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria urged folks not to jump to conclusions about nuclear because of the accident in Japan:

I think it's very important to consider all the facts, put this terrible event in context, and let reason rather than emotion play the larger part in our judgment.

It's difficult not to get spooked by terms like "meltdown," "radiation clouds," and "radioactive leakage." But let's remember that nuclear reactors have operated peacefully, quietly, and safely for decades in countries from Japan to France to the United States.

all energy sources have their risks when being extracted.

Oil and coal have far worse safety records than even decades-old nuclear plants.

I know there is something about nuclear power that worries us. But it's important not to make huge public policy decisions based on perception rather than reality.

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