Monday, August 29, 2005

Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy

Meet Ed Morse from Economic Trends:

Continuing on the energy theme of previous posts, let’s examine another form of energy that could be very important for our future economic and environmental wellbeing. This form of energy will:

- rely on an abundant resource that is available domestically, thus reducing our dependence on foreign sources
- provide no emissions of CO2, which concerns many people about the potential impact on global warming (a topic which is debatable, but which will be taken as given for now)
- provide relative price stability over time, thus reducing economic disruptions due to price fluctuations as we have been discussing here
- be as safe, if not safer, than conventional energy sources from coal or petroleum based sources.

Interested? Then let’s consider building more nuclear power reactors.
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Jim Hopf said...

As safe or safer than coal or oil?

Try a thousand times safer.

Literally all formal alayses of external costs of various energy sources show that nuclear's costs are more than an order or magnitude lower than those of coal and oil (with many studies showing several orders of magnitude). Nuclear is also several times lower than gas, and even lower than solar, according to most studies. Only wind is shown to have lower costs by some studies.