Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Holidays

On behalf of all of the contributors at NEI Nuclear Notes, I'd like to pass along our wishes for a happy Holiday season to all of our readers. Thanks very much for sticking with us through what by any reliable measure was a successful 2005.

I'd also like to thank the contributors on our team including Lisa Stiles-Shell, Kelly Taylor, Brian Mays, Kevin McCoy, Michael Stuart, David Bradish, Elizabeth King, Clifton Farrell, Mary Quillian, Bill Casino, Janice Cane, Jennifer Maloney and finally, our old friend Brian Smith, since departed for PhRMA.

Also deserving a thank you are the senior staff who backed the project, and gave us the room to run to make it happen: Skip Bowman, Scott Peterson, Richard Myers and Walter Hill.

Earlier this afternoon, NEI Nuclear Notes registered unique visit #50,000. Here's hoping 2006 sees a few hundred thousand more.


David Bradish said...

Don't forget Janice Cane!

Janice Cane said...

Thanks, David!

Kelly L. Taylor said...

Much of what this forum is and is becoming should be credited to your tireless efforts on its behalf, Eric! I'm so glad you have chosen to carve a niche for some balance in the nuclear power arguments. We are privileged to have you as a resource! Thank you for all you do here, Eric.