Monday, December 12, 2005

Hybrid Cars and Plug-ins

If you're interested in hybrid vehicles, checking out some of the info on Watthead might be a good place to start.

Over the past week, Jesse Jenkins* has looked at a Camry Hybrid, some interesting developments at Mitsubishi and some news from the San Francisco International Auto Show. Check it out.

*We got Jesse's name wrong the first time. Sorry, we've since corrected the error.

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WattHead said...

Thanks for pointing out my blog. I appreciate it. My name is acutally Jesse Jenkins btw (not Johnson) but that's ok. Also, you might add this post I just finished to the list: Who Needs Gasoline? - The Incredible Potential of Plug-ins and EVs. It's not a news item but an excercise that illustrates the incredible potential we could realize by adopting EV or PHEV technologies.

(I've just added your blog to my links section as well, cheers...)