Monday, July 31, 2006

Revisiting Seabrook

Over at the Concord Monitor, reporter Lisa Arsenault is looking back at the fight over the construction of the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, in the wake of the revival of the fortunes of the nuclear industry. Click here for a sidebar.

Thanks to NH Insider for the pointer.

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gunter said...

Revisting Seabrook-

Happy 30th anniversary to the Seabrook 18. On August 2, 1976 we were just being released from our fine overnight accomodations provided by Hampton, NH city jail for an arrest of "criminal trespass" onto the Seabrook construction site the day before. The first nonviolent direct action with the site occupation occured just as Public Service Company of New Hampshire razed and shredded trees from the construction site.

Try to build them again and we will come.

Stewart Peterson said...

Try to do that again and we will come.